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Be Your Own Energy Guru

Accelerated Guide

Part 1: You're just getting started
Part 2: You're getting the hang of this
Part 3: Oh damn, you're good at this
Part 4: Self Care Essentials
Part 5: You're an exp

Includes 45 vid
5 hours 7 minutes.
*Additionally, an Extended Bonus Content section has started!
I will continue to add new content over time, and the new videos
will be immediately available to you.
Note from Gabrielle:

"This is essentially a roadmap for purifying your channel to source.
Think psychic.
Think empowerment of feminine genius.

It's comprehensive, approachable (everything is in digestible pieces), and you can take it at the pace that feels good to you! Binge it, space it out over weeks or months.
I honor you!"