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Meditation & Intuition for Overthinkers

Learn about the utility of meditation and intuition, learn how to connect with it EASILY, and how to utilize it in your everyday life in order to make your life EASIER and HAPPIER.

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32 minutes.

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Meditation & Intuition for Overthinkers Masterclass

Meditation & Intuition for Overthinkers Masterclass

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Goddess Testimonials


"This course put me into a deep state of tranquility during the meditation. Then the practice of feeling ‘no’ and embodying what I want or don’t want kind of blew my mind. I am always so go go go, but when I stopped for a moment to realize how in tune I could be with my body and that my body has the answers, it really opened my mind. I have been meditating for years and on the self-growth/awareness journey even longer and I can say this is the first time I’ve allowed myself to step back and embody my truths. Thank you Gabrielle!!"
- Tiffany
"Thanks so much for sharing this in an easy, practical, comfortable way!"
- Mary Beth


"Everyone talks about intuition and listening to your body and sometimes it’s overwhelming and I don’t know how to tune in more, but this gave me new, simple (yet so complex and informative) ideas on how I can tune in daily to the messages my body is trying to send me. After watching it, I feel like it’s easy to listen to my body and it’s a practice that I can easily implement daily."
- Gladys
"Just sending you so much light, love, and gratitude for sharing your content with me again. Balancing my intuition & intellect has been something that I have needed to work on since my spiritual awakening & it is so wonderful to see someone offer help on how this can be done for someone's highest good. You are a blessing. Thank you!"
- Candice
This course is self-paced and provides unlimited replays!

Replays are contingent on the longevity of my business and my humanity (til death do us part).

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