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Intuition Development Accelerated


Credits for a 40 min Consultation
and a 20 min Channeled Card Reading
are included 
with this course.

This is a very practical course for any experience level.

Find your inner authority,
harness it,
live by it.

Module 1: Feminine and Masculine Energy Principles
Module 2: Intuition Breakdown
BONUS: Guided Meditation Practice
Module 3: The Language of Your Body
Module 4: Trusting Your Intuition & Self-Care

Includes 16 videos
82 minutes.
Also includes 4 worksheets with journal prompts.
(check your email)
Module 1
Module 2: Part 1
Module 2: Part 2
Module 2: Part 3
Outdoor "Tree" Meditation
Module 3: Part 1
Module 3: Part 2
Module 3: Part 3


Course Access



Intuition Development Accelerated

Valid for 8 years

40 min Consultation Included

20 min Channeled Card Reading Included

Goddess Testimonials


"In life, in business, in love we all ask ourselves the questions “Is this the right choice? Is this the right person, the right time, the right platform, the right message”. Inside Gabrielle’s programs she offers a unique and much needed perspective that will show various ways to tune in and trust yourself.  This course is NOT another empty promise that offers a “blueprint strategy” that will get your business results in 30 days.  Rather it’s an invitation to learn and tune into your own body and live life on your own terms.  Gabrielle is an expert in weaving together her years of experience and education in a very practical way.  And while she is an expert, she is constantly there reminding you each step of that way that YOU are your own expert when it comes to your body and your business.  If you find yourself stuck in a rut or creative process, Gabrielle is your guide to crack open the door so you can step through."

- Lyndsay Paige

Ayurveda Health Counselor + Mentor



"The feminine vs. masculine portion was an eye opener for me. Gabrielle broke these energies down so simply that I truly started to feel the difference. I have been so deep in my masculine that I didn’t realize there was an option to not be a go-getter, to not be the doer, mover, and shaker. She has amazing journal prompts that helped me find the energy I want to embody and work on cultivating. I am excited as this is also a new chapter of my life as I am newly single: divine timing! This course helped me learn how to trust myself again and gave me the tools to continue to do so. Last, but certainly not least, the tree meditation was BODY-TINGLING good. I went deep and it was more than grounding, her guided meditation brought tears to my eyes. If you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend you dive in with Gabrielle!"

- Tiffany Marie Elaine

Adventurer and Attorney



"When I signed up for the intuition course I was not sure what to expect. Gabrielle laid down the foundation and her bubbly joyous style of communication was so endearing. I quickly felt comfortable with her style of teaching and learned new things I did not know before. As a beginner at connecting to intuition this helped me set a foundation for myself. I appreciate Gabrielle for putting out her knowledge. "

- Lesslie Bravo

Spiritual Explorer


This course was previously titled "Intuitive Business Strategy."
Access to the course lasts 8 years.

This course is self-paced and provides unlimited replays! 

Replays are contingent on the longevity of my business and my humanity (til death do us part).

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