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Note from Gabrielle:
"I never had any interest in teaching anything publicly on the internet. 100% not interested. But the Universe pinned me into a corner years ago and basically said, “You WILL teach this.” 😳🧐 Apparently I was sitting on widely too much information to not share it. It wasn’t rational. 

My genuine interest in hermitting was not of importance, it turns out...

It’s been so long that I’ve been studying and practicing these holistic health paths that I sometimes forget what it’s like to still be living in the dark — to not understand the language of your own body / blind to convoluted relationship dynamics / lacking any connection to the energy of your own existence…

It’s like the difference of being blindfolded, half-strangled, and without a map AND having 20/20 vision, the full capacity of your windpipe, and a 3D touchscreen map from Ironman. Life is EASIER. HEALTHIER. FUCKING GLOWING. 

Usually the people who are the most judgmental about these things are in the biggest stranglehold and they haven’t seen it yet. 

It’s just about understanding the nature of your own existence.

That’s really it."

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