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Ayurvedic Daily Maintenance Routine

Dinacharya in a daily routine in Ayurveda that promotes health by cleansing the body through the sense organs and preventing the build up of new toxicity and waste (also known as undigested food or "ama" in Sanskrit).



Add the steps listed below to your current routine.

Integrate one or two at a time until you have your goddess routine down.


☀️ Wake up before or with the sun. 

Before your feet touch the floor, breathe in and out and smile. Smile into your organs. 😉


☀️ Embrace the morning's stillness. 

This is the perfect time to meditate. 

☀️ Splash your face, rinse your mouth, wash your eyes. 

You may like using organic rose water to wash your eyes (gently massage and blink).  

☀️ Use tongue scraper. 

Stainless steel is standard. Copper is also recommended for Kapha dominant dosha. 

☀️ Practice with a neti pot. Use non-iodized salt.

This is great for your sinuses, voice, vision, and mental clarity. 

☀️ Drink warm water with lemon. 

This is amazing for digestion! Add fresh ginger to give your digestive power a boost! 

☀️ Do abhyanga. 

Massage your body with oil! 

☀️ Avoid TV or other distractions during meals. 

Pay attention to your food, moment-by-moment. Experience the meal. 

☀️ Eat your largest meal midday. 

Your digestive power is highest. 

☀️ Unwind before bed.

 Enjoy a warm bath for 30+ minutes, optionally with sea salt and lavender essential oil. 

☀️ Go to bed at 10 or 10:30pm.  

This is powerful! It optimizes your body's ability to heal. 

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