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Changed Locations ⇩

in-person one-on-one services in Morgantown

Now able to meet for sessions at Kindred Spirits Yoga + Wellness!

And of course, I'm always available over Zoom.



Yin Yoga (Private) 

60 min, $65 (Limited Time Price)


Yin yoga involves holding poses for minutes at a time. It is slow and meditative, and primarily benefits your deep connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, and joints). Staying in poses for 2-7 minutes allows your connective tissue to lengthen, flexibility to increase, circulation to improve, and stress levels to drop. 


Private sessions allow us to focus solely on your needs. Sessions will be adapted to your unique body and goals, and our approach will change overtime as your body opens up to allow more movement and flexibility. Anxiety reduction and spontaneous emotional release are common and welcome. Every session will start with optional hot tea (feel free to bring a thermos so that you can take it with you), and end with a restorative śavasana and optional aromatherapy.

*You are allowed to bring a buddy to this service.

Weekly Yogi Special: Buy 3, Get 1 Free (within any 6 week period)


60 min, $120 (Limited Time Price)


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that dates back 2,500 years. It arrived in the United States a century ago and is now being offered in an increasing number of clinics and hospitals. 


During a session, I will place my hands just above your body, mainly near the crown of your head, along your torso, and your knees and feet. You can wear something comfortable and relax. 


Reiki enables your body to reach a deep state of relaxation that allows it to re-access its natural ability to heal itself. Additional benefits may also include relieving stress and anxiety, depression and emotional distress, headaches and body aches, insomnia, and fatigue (low energy). 


The internal experience of reiki with Gabrielle has sometimes been described as “an assisted meditation” state. It may be helpful to know ahead of time that the nature of sessions changes overtime as the needs of your body change and previous issues are resolved. Reiki also commonly produces physical sensations in the body during sessions and sometimes emotional releases within the following 72 hours.


45 min, $40


Pranayama is the yogic practice of controlling the life force of the body through strategic breathing. Strategic breathing techniques are also widespread in American psychology practice and wellness spaces at large. 


By consciously connecting with your breathing and manipulating it with purpose, you can regulate your stress levels, heart rate, muscle tone, and mental focus. And that’s just the beginning. 


Sessions will be customized to your needs and goals. The strategies you learn in sessions will all be practical tools for your daily life. Whether it’s insomnia, poor digestion, anxiety/panic, or lethargy — I’ve got you covered. 

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