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Flower Essences

Flower essences gently restore the balance between mind and body. 

They can be made at home and also purchased for the treatment of various emotional states. 

These remedies are made from wild flowers are subtle yet powerful tools for restoring our bodies to health. 


Flower essences work in harmony with herbs, homeopathy,

and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and also pets.


2 drops twice a day for 30 days.

Drops can easily be increased to 4 drops twice per day, if desired.

If change is occurring quickly and you feel overwhelmed, simply lower the dose.

To learn more, Brooke Sullivan is recommended as a wisdom keeper for these remedies.

For Trauma

Rescue Remedy

More recently called "the five flower remedy," this classic remedy combines impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem, cherry plum, and rock rose. It is known to relieve acute stress, anxiety, and panic attacks, especially in emergency situations. 

For Digestion (of food and emotions)

California Pitcher Plant

California Pitcher Plant acts enzymatically in the digestive tract, but it also aids your body in processing (or "digesting") emotions that have gotten stuck.

For Shyness


Take this remedy to claim your radiance when you feel like you are invisible. 

For Germophobia (aka Mysophobia)

Crab Apple

This one is excellent for feelings of dirtiness, or simply in help of a detox. 

For Feeling Alone


This magical one reminds you that you are not alone, if you can imagine that. 

For Obsession with Physical Appearance

Pretty Face

Yes, it's literally called that, and it helps you release fears about your external appearance. It's especially excellent if you are a performer. 

For Sluggishness


Blackberry flower essence remedy is perfect for you if you need help getting a project done. It will put you into gear!

For Hopelessness


Gorse helps you in the most troublesome times by lending it's strong, resilient qualities to you in your time of need. Don't be afraid to lean on it. 

For Hormone Balance

Black Cohosh

This one is excellent for correcting hormone imbalances and increases ease in menstruation and menopause. 

For the Perpetual Student


Cerato helps you stop looking to others for answers and realize that you have all the knowledge within yourself. 

There's a handful to get you started.

I recommend trying one at a time.

These and more can be made at home and are also available online (ex. click here and use code: VRB154 at checkout), and likely your local co-op or health food store.

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