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Feeling Blue?

Tips & Tricks

Here are some ideas for how to turn your mood around, potentially quite quickly.

Dance, Baby, Dance

Turn on Spotify, the radio, or Youtube from the comfort of your home (if you prefer staying home) and shake your booty for 15 minutes

Yes, I'm serious. This is excellent medicine. Get your body moving to music that you like and keep it going until you feel so good that you forget what you were worried about when you started. 

Vitamin D

That lovely vitamin you usually get from the sun? Incorporate it into your diet. 

Find a high quality vitamin D supplement like this one


Incorporate natural mood boosters into your life.

Many herbs have been used to boost happiness throughout time. I used to recommend Traditional Medicinals Cup of Sunshine Herbal Tea, but everyone is out of it.

Fortunately, something else I 100% recommend is available right in my shop, right here​. To add a creamy touch, this is available as well.


You've heard of this one, I bet. 

Try Louise Hay's affirmations. Listen to this YouTube version of one of her books every day for 30 days. Not kidding. 

Hug a big tree.

Bound to a desk? Sitting in the same room every day? Get out in nature. 

Put on temperature appropriate attire for wherever you are in the world and get yourself some negative ions naturally exuding from the planet. 

Hug your favorite person/people. 

Tell the people you love that you love them or show them that you care about them. 

Get that human connection going!

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