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Ayurvedic Practices

Let's kick this up a notch.

Did you know that in Sanskrit, the word for oil also means love?

Oil, or sneha, is a substance that is grounding, healing, and nourishing. Any of you who are familiar with Ayurveda know that oil is an important medicinal substance used both internally and externally to pacify the three doshas, as well as to lubricate and purify the body's channels (a.k.a. srotas).

When oil is applied to the body or taken internally (as ghee or foods rich in nourishing fats), we feel a sense of safety and protection as this is a physical manifestation of love! 


Utilizing oils medicinally to correct imbalances in the body can be the ultimate way to truly provide tangible love and care for yourself in your physical body.


Ear Oil

Several drops of this warmed oil dropped in each ear is most commonly used to reduce tinnitus, insomnia, restlessness, infection, nervousness, and vertigo. 


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing oil in the mouth at the beginning of your daily routine for around 20 minutes (you can build up to 20 minutes over time, of course). This draws out toxins in your body and primarily improves oral health.


Eye Wash

This treatment is often used to treat dry eyes, irritation, and tired eyes from things like starring at screens. Rose water can be used provide a cooling effect if you are experiencing too much heat. If heat (ex. inflammation) is not an issue, perhaps try a couple drops of castor oil or ghee!


Nose Oil

Nasya oils can be made with various purposes in mind. Herbal blends can be made for mental clarity, sinus health, mental calm, weather protection, and more. You simply lie down, tilt the head back and experience the enormous benefits!


Body Oil

Abhyanga is a full body self-massage with warm oil! The treatment requires generous amounts of warm herbal oils massaged over the entire body. It is one of the most commonly recommended self-care practices for good reason. Try it daily for a month and watch how you feel change! 

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